Who Are You Really Judging?

When you make a conscious decision to make judgment against someone, you are doing so from the thoughts that are running through your brain. Those thoughts come from ‘recognition’ (knowing what you see) relating to the action you are witnessing. Most everything that causes you to react to it ... Read More

Are You Ready?

While it is true that no one knows the time of the coming of the LORD, we should ALWAYS be prepared and READY for His Return as if it is tomorrow.   That is why you see so many try and assume that because of certain events and/or happenings ... Read More

Breath of Life

The Living, Breathing, Life Giving, Thirst no more, Hunger no more Living WORD. God Himself, The Holy Spirit Himself, Jesus Himself, all alive and breathing Wisdom and Knowledge into all who have ears to hear, eyes to see and a heart that is open to His Revelation. THAT is ... Read More